Website design – Avacardy

We were tasked with building a new website for a company called ‘Avacardy’ – www.avacardy.co.uk The website is a card sending system with a twist. The user can put a choice of cakes into the card! So the system we built is a bespoke system that allows the user to select the card occasion, for who it is for, the text the user wants in the card and style the text to be printed on the card. They pick from a gorgeous selection of cakes next (max/min 2). Once they have done that the user can then pick a date they would like the card to be sent and the recipients name and address.

They then purchase the card and it gets sent to the recipient that the user chose.

*We also built a system so they can clearly label the allergens within each cake

The system was a big build but got done on schedule and it is already accumulating some amazing sales figures! Good luck Team Avacardy!

Desktop-Mockup avacardy
Desktop-Mockup avacardy 2
Desktop-Mockup avacardy 4

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