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Brochure Design – Dummies Guide

Future Elite Sports Dummies Guide Front and Back Cover

We were commissioned with designing a new brochure for Future Elite Sports for a Dummies guide to Australia and New Zealand for their sports clients. After working with FES for a number of years now we have built up a good understanding of their requirements.

We knew this booklet had to look sharp, clean and very professional. We had to keep on brand with colours and their style but we did have freedom to develop this into a really special brochure for them.

We opted for a simple but effective design with good use of white space with splashes of colour with nicely placed images. We also introduced a nice easy to read but designer font along with a nice ‘nod’ to their colour scheme by brightening up each header with their light blue.

We designed the cover with a bit more solid colour as it needed to keep the same as the other booklets we had designed – solid colour scheme but we allowed a bit of dynamism in the flow of the triangles revealing the image.

All in all we loved the design and feel of this brochure and more to the point the client loved it too!

Future Elite Sports Dummies Guide Inside Cover Page
Future Elite Sports Dummies Guide middle pages
Future Elite Sports Dummies Guide inside back cover

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