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Video Design – Promotion

Video design and animation is where we produce professional marketing videos based on promotions/services for our clients. It is also used by us when we put the final gloss on our 3D animations as well otherwise known as post production.

Video design and promotion is heavily used for Social Media these days as it gets far more interaction than a plain text post or still image. This can be used to promote your business, product or services in a short punchy fashion.

We develop a number of stunning effects to bring your business/product service to life and make the video design ready for whichever media you require. This can be very expensive service but we are extremely experienced in this field meaning we can produce amazing videos for half the cost of our competitors without losing quality! If you would like to know more about our video design services then please do get in touch.

3D Design

3D Design is a very open subject which means its not just used in Disney/Pixar Movies! We have used it for a number of different subjects such as building developers needing realistic images of there planned builds or product designers needing 3D images of product concepts or clubs and associations needing a mascot designed that can be animated or Exhibitors needing help designing their stands for shows. There are many other things that we have used 3D production in as well. This leads us nicely into the 3D animation.


3D Animation is where we got one step further with our 3D designing. We start to animate it and bring it too life, You will be very aware of one big thing it is used on which is the ‘animated cartoon films’ or CGI films (this is also covered in video editing) such as your animated Disney films or the latest Marvel films to name but a few. We do also have many other uses! We use it to animate walk through’s on 3D concept buildings or development plots or a product that’s not been brought to market yet but needs to look real on an advert.

A big one recently is that we personally have been asked to do is a lot of 3D animated logos which our clients use when doing promotions, talks, introducing a product in social media etc… There are so many reasons why animation would be for you so please get in touch and we will happily run through this with you.

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