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Delivery Shark

A4 Design for an Offer to Students

Project Showcase: Delivery Shark Student Discount Poster

At Diablos Designs, we were thrilled to undertake a dynamic project for Delivery Shark, a delivery company aiming to capture the student market with enticing discounts. This multifaceted assignment involved not only creating a compelling poster but also building an entire 3D set using Blender, showcasing our expertise in design and 3D modelling.

3D Modelling Mastery:

Our journey began with the meticulous creation of a 3D set in Blender, where we crafted detailed models, including a Renault Twingo car adorned with the distinctive Delivery Shark branding. The intricate process extended to meticulously building models of delectable food items, ensuring a realistic and appetising representation.

Brand Integration:

Having previously crafted the brand identity for Delivery Shark, we seamlessly integrated the established branding into the 3D models. The Renault Twingo became a mobile canvas for the vibrant and recognisable Delivery Shark branding, creating a visual identity that seamlessly blended with the concept of efficient and swift deliveries.

Student-Centric Poster Design:

The poster, targeting students, was strategically designed to showcase a Renault Twingo brimming with the enticing promise of fast deliveries. The central theme revolved around student discounts, prominently featuring money-off offers for those wielding a student card. The use of pink, a signature brand colour, not only reinforced the Delivery Shark identity but also added a youthful and vibrant flair to the poster.

Visual Appeal and Realism:

Attention to detail was paramount as we aimed to create a visually stunning and realistic depiction of the delivery experience. From the carefully modelled food items to the dynamic positioning of the Renault Twingo, the poster encapsulates the speed, convenience, and delicious offerings of Delivery Shark deliveries.

Engaging and Informative:

The poster serves as an engaging visual invitation, providing key information about student discounts and encouraging the target audience to seize the opportunity. Clear messaging, vibrant visuals, and an irresistible offer create a compelling call to action for students seeking affordable and efficient delivery services.


The Delivery Shark Student Discount Poster is a showcase of our multifaceted design expertise. From 3D modelling mastery in Blender to strategic brand integration and dynamic poster design, every aspect of the project reflects our commitment to delivering visually compelling and effective solutions.

At Diablos Designs, we revel in projects that allow us to showcase our skills across various design disciplines. The Delivery Shark poster stands as a testament to our passion for creating immersive and impactful visual narratives that resonate with the target audience.

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