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Amethyst Beauty

Brand new engaging website for Amethyst Beauty

At Diablos Designs, we are thrilled to unveil the fresh and vibrant website we meticulously crafted for Amethyst Beauty, a distinguished beauty aesthetics business. This dynamic online platform not only showcases Amethyst Beauty’s extensive array of services, pricing details, and new brand identity but also ensures an engaging user experience through strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) and clean, bold fonts.

Website Design Overview:


  1. Distinctive Branding: The website seamlessly integrates Amethyst Beauty’s new brand identity, featuring a captivating and distinctive vibrant purple as the primary colour. This bold choice exudes modernity and sophistication, setting Amethyst Beauty apart in the competitive beauty industry.
  2. Clean and Modern Aesthetic: With a commitment to a clean and modern aesthetic, the website boasts a sleek design that prioritises simplicity and user-friendliness. The use of bold fonts enhances readability, providing visitors with a seamless and visually pleasing navigation experience.
  3. Transparent Pricing Showcase: We implemented a dedicated section to transparently showcase Amethyst Beauty’s pricing structure. This ensures that potential clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with each service, fostering trust and facilitating informed decision-making.
  4. Abundance of CTAs: Strategic placement of CTAs throughout the website encourages visitors to take immediate action. Whether it’s booking a service, exploring special offers, or reaching out through contact forms, these CTAs guide users through a purposeful and engaging journey.
  5. Comprehensive Services Display: The website features a comprehensive display of Amethyst Beauty’s services, each accompanied by detailed information. This allows visitors to explore and understand the breadth of offerings, making informed choices tailored to their aesthetic needs.
  6. Mobile-Optimised Design: Recognising the prevalence of mobile users, the website is meticulously optimised for various devices. This mobile-friendly approach ensures that potential clients can access essential information and engage with Amethyst Beauty seamlessly, regardless of the device used.
  7. Strategic Contact Forms: User-friendly contact forms are strategically placed, providing a hassle-free means for clients to get in touch. These forms facilitate inquiries, appointment bookings, and general communication, enhancing the accessibility of Amethyst Beauty’s services.


Result: Amethyst Beauty’s new website is a harmonious blend of vibrant aesthetics and functional design. The bold use of the distinctive purple colour, combined with clean layouts and strategic CTAs, creates an immersive digital experience that reflects the essence of Amethyst Beauty. Explore the website here:

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in translating our clients’ visions into compelling digital narratives. It was a pleasure collaborating with Amethyst Beauty to elevate their online presence, and we look forward to continued success in their journey of beauty and aesthetics.

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