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Project Showcase: Back Street Boyz Social Media Posts

At Diablos Designs, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Back Street Boyz, a vibrant takeaway business with a flair for delivering mouth-watering delights. Our mission was to transform their delicious offerings into visually compelling social media posts that resonate with their audience and reflect the edgy, urban vibe of their brand.


We began by capturing the essence of Back Street Boyz through a series of captivating photos that highlighted their scrumptious dishes. From tantalising burgers to mouth-watering fries, each item was meticulously staged and expertly photographed to showcase the culinary artistry behind the brand.

Grunge Graffiti Edits:

To add an urban edge to the social media posts, we embarked on an intricate editing process. Each photo was carefully cut out and seamlessly integrated into a grunge graffiti countertop and surrounds. This transformative step not only emphasised the street-smart aesthetic of Back Street Boyz but also created a visually arresting backdrop that enhances the overall appeal of the posts.

Design Details:

The grunge graffiti edits were thoughtfully curated to complement the vibrant colours and textures of the food, ensuring a harmonious and eye-catching visual experience. The counter and surrounds, with their weathered and edgy appearance, serve as the perfect canvas to elevate the presentation of Back Street Boyz’s delectable offerings.

Social Media Presence:

The final result is a series of social media posts that encapsulate the spirit of Back Street Boyz. Each post tells a story of flavour and attitude, inviting customers to indulge in a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The deliberate integration of the edited photos with the grunge graffiti backdrop creates a cohesive and distinctive aesthetic that sets Back Street Boyz apart in the competitive world of takeaway businesses.


The Back Street Boyz Social Media Posts project exemplifies our commitment to translating brand identity into visually impactful narratives. Through expert photography and meticulous editing, we’ve crafted a series of posts that not only showcase the culinary prowess of Back Street Boyz but also immerse viewers in an urban culinary adventure.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in transforming concepts into compelling visual stories. The Back Street Boyz Social Media Posts stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence in design, capturing the essence of a brand in every pixel.

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