CAD Drawing for Pegasus Shopfitting


Pegasus Shopfitting

Bespoke Bar/Counter Design for Shakes and Gains

Project: Bespoke Bar/Counter Design for Shakes and Gains

Client: Pegasus Shopfitting

Overview: Diablos Designs undertook the task of designing a unique and functional Bar/Counter in CAD for Shakes and Gains, a client of Pegasus Shopfitting. The project aimed to create a stylish and efficient space that aligned with the brand identity of Shakes and Gains, providing a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Scope of Work:

  • Close collaboration with Pegasus Shopfitting to understand Shakes and Gains’ specific requirements and design preferences.
  • Detailed analysis of spatial considerations to optimize the layout for both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Incorporation of brand elements and theme into the CAD design for a cohesive and immersive customer experience.
  • Creation of comprehensive CAD drawings for construction and installation.

Challenges: The challenge for this project lay in crafting a bar/counter that not only met Shakes and Gains’ functional needs but also reflected their brand personality. Ensuring the design seamlessly integrated with the overall interior while maximizing space utilization required careful planning.


  • Regular consultation with Pegasus Shopfitting and Shakes and Gains to gather feedback and refine the design.
  • Implementation of advanced CAD tools to model the spatial dynamics, allowing for optimal flow and customer engagement.
  • Flexibility in design iterations to accommodate specific preferences and changes throughout the process.

Outcome: Diablos Designs successfully delivered detailed CAD drawings that translated the vision for Shakes and Gains’ bar/counter into a tangible and visually appealing reality. The final design not only met the functional requirements but also contributed to the overall ambiance of the space, enhancing the customer experience.

Conclusion: This project showcases Diablos Designs’ ability to marry functionality with aesthetics, creating bespoke solutions that align with the unique identities of our clients. Our commitment to precision and collaboration ensures that each design reflects the distinct character of the establishment, contributing to its success.

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