Cambridge Aesthetics Wedding Roller Banner


Cambridge Aesthetics

Roller banner design for a Wedding Fayre

Project Showcase: Cambridge Aesthetics Wedding Fayre Roller Banner

At Diablos Designs, we undertook the task of designing a roller banner for Cambridge Aesthetics, strategically tailored for an upscale wedding fair. The challenge was to strike a balance between showcasing a range of services and maintaining an air of subtlety befitting the refined atmosphere of a posh wedding event.

Design Approach:

Our design philosophy centred around subtlety and elegance. Understanding the upscale context of the wedding fair, we opted for a sophisticated aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the posh surroundings. The roller banner serves as a tasteful canvas that gently communicates the diverse services offered by Cambridge Aesthetics.

Brand Colours:

We embraced the brand’s colour palette to infuse familiarity and cohesion into the design. The colours were used judiciously, contributing to an overall sense of sophistication while ensuring a seamless alignment with Cambridge Aesthetics’ established visual identity.

Imagery for the Occasion:

Carefully curated imagery was selected to resonate with the theme of weddings. Soft, romantic visuals were incorporated to evoke a sense of beauty and celebration, aligning seamlessly with the joyous occasion of a wedding. The imagery serves as a visual narrative, subtly showcasing the range of services offered by Cambridge Aesthetics in the context of a wedding setting.

Subtle Call to Actions:

Strategically placed call-to-action elements were woven into the design, ensuring that attendees at the wedding fair are gently prompted to explore the services offered by Cambridge Aesthetics. These subtle cues maintain the overall refined ambiance of the roller banner while encouraging engagement.


The Cambridge Aesthetics Wedding Fayre Roller Banner is a testament to our ability to tailor designs to specific environments and occasions. The careful blend of subtlety, brand colours, and thematic imagery creates a visual masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with the upscale setting of a posh wedding fair.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our capacity to craft designs that not only showcase a brand’s offerings but also align with the unique atmosphere of each event. The Cambridge Aesthetics Roller Banner exemplifies our dedication to elegance and refinement in every design endeavour.

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