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Project Showcase: Cambridge Vitality Food Supplement Campaign

At Diablos Designs, we undertook an invigorating project with Cambridge Vitality to promote their Food Supplement range through a dynamic and attention-grabbing campaign. Our challenge was to create two distinct A5 posters tailored for gym and clinic environments, along with engaging social media content for Instagram and Facebook.

A5 Posters:

Gym Adaptation:

For the gym environment, we crafted a poster that emanates energy and vitality. Bold fonts and vibrant colours were strategically employed to capture the attention of fitness enthusiasts. The design boasts motivational cues and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to prompt immediate engagement. The dynamic layout encourages gym-goers to explore Cambridge Vitality’s Food Supplement range, seamlessly blending into the high-energy atmosphere.

Clinic Adaptation:

In contrast, the clinic poster exudes professionalism and trust. The use of calming colours and a clean layout reflects the clinical setting, ensuring the brand’s credibility in a healthcare environment. The strategic placement of CTAs remains consistent, guiding clinic visitors to consider the benefits of Cambridge Vitality’s Food Supplements as part of their wellness journey.

Social Media Designs:

Instagram Reel:

To harness the power of visual storytelling on Instagram, we created a dynamic Reel. The fast-paced, engaging content showcases the diversity and benefits of Cambridge Vitality’s Food Supplement range. Strong fonts, bold colours, and captivating visuals keep viewers hooked, prompting them to take action.

Facebook and Instagram Post:

The square 1080p by 1080p post for both Facebook and Instagram ensures a seamless presence across platforms. The striking design, consistent with the posters, features bold fonts and vibrant colours. Multiple CTAs are strategically placed to drive lead generation, encouraging users to explore the exclusive offer on Cambridge Vitality’s Food Supplements.


The Cambridge Vitality Food Supplement Campaign is a testament to our strategic design approach. By tailoring A5 posters for specific environments and creating compelling social media content, we aimed to captivate diverse audiences. The use of strong fonts, bold colours, and strategic CTAs ensures maximum impact, driving engagement and generating valuable leads for Cambridge Vitality.

At Diablos Designs, we thrive on transforming marketing objectives into visually compelling narratives. The Cambridge Vitality Food Supplement Campaign is a shining example of our commitment to creating designs that resonate with target audiences across various touchpoints.

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