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Cambridge Vitality

Brand Design for Beauty Supplements

Project Showcase: Cambridge Vitality Brand Design

At Diablos Designs, we embarked on an exciting venture to craft the brand identity for Cambridge Vitality, aligning it seamlessly with its sister brand, Cambridge Aesthetics. The challenge was to create a cohesive visual language while infusing Cambridge Vitality with a distinct identity reflective of its health and wellness focus.

Design Aesthetic:

Drawing inspiration from the established design language of Cambridge Aesthetics, we meticulously replicated key visual elements to ensure a familial connection between the two brands. The use of clean lines, balanced proportions, and a minimalist approach became the foundation for Cambridge Vitality’s design.

Distinctive Earthy Palette:

To distinguish Cambridge Vitality from its aesthetic-oriented counterpart, we introduced a deep green colour palette, evoking a sense of earthiness and vitality. This rich hue aligns with the brand’s focus on health and well-being, creating a visual association with natural elements and a wholesome lifestyle.

Consistent Typography and Layout:

Maintaining consistency with Cambridge Aesthetics, we adopted the same typography and layout principles for Cambridge Vitality. This deliberate choice fosters a sense of unity across the brands, reinforcing their affiliation while allowing Cambridge Vitality to carve its niche within the health and wellness sector.

Logo Integration:

The logo for Cambridge Vitality seamlessly integrates with the established aesthetic of Cambridge Aesthetics, featuring subtle variations to reflect the unique essence of each brand. The deep green colour, used strategically within the logo elements, reinforces the brand’s commitment to vitality and well-being.

Brand Versatility:

With an eye on versatility, the design elements were carefully curated to adapt effortlessly across various media platforms. Whether on digital interfaces or print materials, the brand design maintains its clarity and impact, ensuring a consistent and recognisable presence for Cambridge Vitality.


The creation of the Cambridge Vitality brand is a testament to our ability to harmonise distinct identities within a cohesive design framework. By drawing inspiration from the established visual language of Cambridge Aesthetics and infusing it with a deep green earthiness, we’ve crafted a brand that stands independently while maintaining a strong familial bond.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our capacity to translate brand values into visually compelling narratives. The Cambridge Vitality brand design exemplifies our commitment to creating distinctive yet cohesive visual identities that resonate with target audiences across diverse sectors.

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