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Project Showcase: Central Takeaway and Kebab Logo

At Diablos Designs, we embarked on an exciting journey with Central Takeaway and Kebab, aiming to craft a distinctive and impactful logo that encapsulates the essence of their brand. Our goal was to create a bold visual identity that seamlessly communicates the business’s identity while ensuring versatility across various media platforms.

Design Concept:

The foundation of this logo revolves around boldness and clarity. We understood the paramount importance of instant recognition in today’s dynamic digital landscape, and thus, our design approach was centred on creating a logo that is not only visually striking but also effortlessly conveys the identity of Central Takeaway and Kebab.

Colour Palette:

Selecting a vibrant and engaging colour palette was crucial to the success of this project. The use of whites for the text exudes cleanliness and clarity, ensuring optimal legibility. The incorporation of yellows and reds in the flames adds a dynamic and energetic element, capturing the fiery passion of Central Takeaway and Kebab. To complement these lively tones, an off-brown shade was meticulously chosen to represent the distinct colour of donner meat, a central component of their offerings.

Versatility Across Media:

Recognising the significance of a consistent brand image across both digital and print platforms, we meticulously tested and refined the colour scheme to ensure optimal visibility and appeal. The result is a logo that not only stands out on social media feeds but also translates seamlessly to print media, maintaining its vibrancy and impact.


The Central Takeaway and Kebab logo is a testament to our commitment to creating designs that not only meet the unique needs of our clients but also resonate with their target audience. This project showcases our expertise in blending bold aesthetics with thoughtful brand representation, resulting in a logo that speaks volumes about the identity and offerings of Central Takeaway and Kebab.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in transforming visions into compelling visual narratives, and the Central Takeaway and Kebab logo is a shining example of our dedication to excellence in design.

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