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The Curry House Shrewsbury

Engaging Video for Social Media

Diablos Designs is pleased to present our recent project: an engaging social media video tailored for the Curry House Shrewsbury. Our task was to create a compelling piece with numerous calls to action to entice users. Leveraging our After Effects skills, we produced a dynamic and punchy video that aligns seamlessly with the brand.

Key Highlights:


  1. Dynamic and Punchy After Effects Design: Employing our expertise in After Effects, we crafted a video that not only captures attention but also maintains a dynamic and punchy pace. This approach ensures that viewers are not only drawn in but also compelled to engage with the content.
  2. Strategic Calls-to-Action: Recognizing the importance of encouraging user interaction, we strategically placed multiple calls to action throughout the video. These prompts are designed to entice viewers to take specific actions, such as visiting the Curry House Shrewsbury, ordering online, or participating in promotions.
  3. Carefully Selected Soundtrack to Enhance Engagement: The auditory experience is as crucial as the visual, so we carefully selected a soundtrack that complements the video’s energy and aligns with the brand. The synergy between visuals and sound enhances the overall impact, making the video more engaging and memorable.
  4. On-Brand Visual Aesthetics: Every element of the video, from color schemes to visual motifs, is meticulously designed to align with the Curry House Shrewsbury’s brand identity. This ensures consistency and reinforces brand recognition across social media platforms.


Outcome: The result is a highly engaging social media video that not only showcases the offerings of Curry House Shrewsbury but also prompts viewers to take immediate action. By infusing dynamic visuals, strategic calls to action, and an on-brand aesthetic, we’ve created a piece that stands out in the crowded social media landscape.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our ability to deliver content that not only meets but surpasses client expectations. Explore our portfolio to witness the diverse range of projects where we employ our skills to create compelling and on-brand visual experiences.

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