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Project Showcase: Deliver Ink Logo Design

At Diablos Designs, we had the exciting opportunity to create a distinctive logo for Deliver Ink, a company specialising in rapid ink deliveries. The challenge was to capture the essence of speed and efficiency while integrating a memorable visual element. Our concept centred around a rocket, cleverly incorporating it into the ‘i’ of ‘Deliver.’

Rocket Concept:

The logo features a sleek and stylised rocket soaring upward, forming an integral part of the ‘i’ in “Deliver.” This concept not only symbolises the swift and expedited ink deliveries provided by the company but also adds a touch of dynamism and innovation to the visual identity.

CMYK Colour Palette:

Being cognisant of the printing industry’s standards, we opted for a CMYK colour palette to ensure optimal reproduction across various print media. The vibrant and primary hues of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) were harmoniously blended to create a visually striking and printer-friendly combination.

Typography and Balance:

Careful consideration was given to typography to maintain a perfect balance between readability and visual appeal. The font choice complements the sleek and modern aesthetic of the rocket, ensuring that the company name, “Deliver Ink,” is easily legible and memorable.

Dynamic and Versatile:

The logo design is crafted to be dynamic and versatile, making it suitable for a range of applications. Whether on business cards, letterheads, or digital platforms, the Deliver Ink logo retains its impact, consistently communicating the brand’s commitment to swift and efficient ink deliveries.


The Deliver Ink logo is a testament to our creative approach to visual identity. By integrating the concept of a rocket into the typography, we’ve crafted a logo that not only symbolises speed but also leaves a lasting impression. The use of CMYK colours ensures the logo’s adaptability to various printing processes, reflecting our attention to both creativity and practicality in design.

At Diablos Designs, we pride ourselves on translating brand values into visually compelling logos. The Deliver Ink logo stands as a bold representation of our dedication to innovation and effective communication through design.

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