New Animated Monster Design for Desk Frnd


Desk Frnd

Animated 3D Monster and Logo Reveal

Diablos Designs is delighted to present a charming project undertaken for our client, Desk Frnd. Our objective was to breathe life into their brand by crafting a 3D cute monster using the D icon from their logo. The outcome is an endearing and fully-rigged furry creature, adding a delightful touch to their brand identity.

Key Project Details:


  1. Creation of 3D Cute Monster: With meticulous attention to detail, we designed and brought to life a cute, furry 3D monster using the D icon from Desk Frnd’s logo. The incorporation of brand colours ensured seamless alignment with their visual identity.
  2. Full Rigging for Animation Runs: To enhance the monster’s versatility, we implemented a comprehensive rigging system. This allowed for fluid movement and animated runs, providing a range of possibilities for dynamic and engaging visual content.
  3. Logo Reveal Animation: Our team crafted a captivating logo reveal animation featuring the 3D cute monster. The sequence involved the monster walking into view, accompanied by a monitor dropping down. The playful touch of the monster kicking away the monitor added a unique and memorable element to the animation.
  4. Seamless Integration with Logo: The animation concludes with the monster smoothly blending into the Desk Frnd logo. This seamless integration reinforces the brand identity while creating a visually satisfying and cohesive conclusion to the animation.


Outcome: The result is a charming and playful 3D cute monster that not only embodies Desk Frnd’s brand but also serves as a dynamic and engaging element in their visual content. The logo reveal animation adds a touch of whimsy and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our ability to translate brand elements into visually compelling and animated experiences. Explore our portfolio to witness the diverse range of projects where we leverage creativity and technical expertise to bring brands to life.

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