New Brand For Shropshire Sports Massage and Rehabilitation


Shropshire Sports Massage and Rehabilitation

New Brand Design

Diablos Designs is pleased to present our recent project: the creation of a brand design for the esteemed local sports massage company, Shropshire Sports Massage & Rehabilitation. The primary objective was to design a distinctive logo incorporating an icon to infuse vitality into the brand.

Key Design Elements:


  1. Iconic Representation Inspired by Olympic Games Imagery: Drawing inspiration from the classic Olympic Games icons, we crafted a unique image depicting a person lying down, arms relaxed in front of them. This icon was carefully designed to symbolise the essence of massage, conveying a sense of relaxation and recovery.
  2. Bold and Stylish Font for Text: The text was thoughtfully curated using a bold yet stylish font, ensuring clarity and visual appeal. This choice enhances the professional and modern aesthetic of Shropshire Sports Massage & Rehabilitation, making it easily recognisable and memorable.
  3. Versatile Logo for All Media: Understanding the importance of adaptability, we ensured that the logo can be effortlessly reversed in color, facilitating its use across various media platforms. This versatility enhances the brand’s visibility and impact in different contexts.
  4. Colour Palette Reflecting Strength and Versatility: The main logo features a strong blue for the “SHROPSHIRE” text and a subtle off-grey for the remainder of the text and the icon. This colour scheme was intentionally chosen for its strength and versatility. Additionally, the interchangeable nature of the colours provides flexibility in various applications.


Outcome: The resulting brand design for Shropshire Sports Massage & Rehabilitation is a visually striking and adaptable representation. The combination of the iconic imagery, bold text, and versatile colour palette creates a logo that not only communicates the essence of the brand but also ensures consistent and impactful branding across different mediums.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our ability to transform concepts into visually compelling brand identities. Explore our portfolio to witness the diverse range of projects where we leverage our creative expertise to craft distinctive and memorable brand designs.

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