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Neal Energy ECO4

New ECO4 Website for Neal Energy

At Diablos Designs, we are thrilled to unveil the dynamic new website we crafted for Neal Energy ECO4, a pioneer in renewable energy solutions. This bespoke online platform not only embraces the eco-energy ethos but also integrates the distinct brand colours of Neal Energy, featuring soothing blues and greens. We further extended this visual identity through a thoughtfully designed logo that aligns seamlessly with the main Neal Energy brand.

Website Design Overview:


  1. Eco-Energy Colours: The website’s colour palette, predominantly blues and greens, resonates with eco-energy themes. This deliberate choice creates a visually calming and cohesive atmosphere, reflecting Neal Energy ECO4’s commitment to sustainable solutions.
  2. Logo Integration: We seamlessly incorporated the new logo into the website design, ensuring a harmonious and recognisable brand presence. The logo, a fusion of Neal Energy’s main brand elements, serves as a visual anchor, reinforcing the company’s identity across the digital landscape.
  3. Renewables Focus: The website serves as a comprehensive resource for renewable energy information, emphasising government grant access for individuals on benefits. Engaging visuals and intuitive navigation guide visitors through the benefits of embracing renewable solutions, empowering them to make informed choices.
  4. Lead-Generating Contact Form: A key feature of the website is the strategically designed contact form. This interactive tool takes users on a personalised journey, evaluating their eligibility for government grants. The form not only simplifies the inquiry process but also serves as a powerful lead generator, fostering meaningful connections with potential clients.
  5. User-Focused Grant Access: The website is designed to cater specifically to individuals seeking government grants. Clear and concise information, coupled with the user-friendly contact form, ensures a seamless and informative experience, addressing the unique needs of the target audience.
  6. Responsive Design: Recognising the diverse ways users access information, the website is fully responsive. Whether viewed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, the design adapts to provide an optimal experience, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience.


Result: Neal Energy ECO4’s new website is a testament to the fusion of sustainability and functionality. The eco-energy colour scheme, coupled with a user-centric design and interactive features, creates a digital platform that not only informs but also generates valuable leads.

Explore the website here:

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in translating our clients’ commitment to sustainability into compelling digital experiences. Collaborating with Neal Energy ECO4 to create an informative and lead-generating website was a rewarding journey, and we look forward to contributing to their continued success in the renewable energy landscape.

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