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Pegasus Shopfitting

Brand Design for Shop Fitting Business

Project Showcase: Pegasus Shopfitting Brand Creation

At Diablos Designs, we embarked on a captivating venture with Pegasus Shopfitting, a company synonymous with precision and elegance in the realm of shopfitting. Our objective was to cultivate a brand that harmoniously blended sophistication with relevance, seamlessly encapsulating the essence of the company’s name.

Visual Identity:

The focal point of the Pegasus Shopfitting brand lies in its elegant and timeless design. We conceptualised a distinctive circular icon featuring the iconic Pegasus horse. This not only pays homage to the brand’s namesake but also adds a touch of regality and dynamism to the visual identity.

Colour Palette:

Versatility was paramount in our design approach. The chosen colour palette boasts a seamless reversal capability, ensuring the brand maintains its grace and impact across various media. The black and white adaptation guarantees a striking presence, while the introduction of colour becomes a deliberate and thoughtful choice.

Logo Structure:

A carefully placed line serves as an elegant divide between the Pegasus name and the Shopfitting tagline. This intentional separation not only enhances the visual appeal but also paves the way for the strategic introduction of colours. The result is a balanced and cohesive logo that stands out in its simplicity and sophistication.

Adaptability Across Media:

Understanding the diverse landscape of media consumption, our design ensures the brand’s effectiveness on both black and white backgrounds. This adaptability extends beyond print to digital realms, making Pegasus Shopfitting’s visual identity consistently impactful across various platforms.


The creation of the Pegasus Shopfitting brand exemplifies our commitment to translating a company’s essence into a visual narrative. The elegant circular icon, reversible colour palette, and strategic use of lines collectively contribute to a brand that not only reflects the precision of shopfitting but also exudes a timeless sophistication.

At Diablos Designs, we take pride in our ability to craft brands that transcend trends, standing as enduring symbols of our clients’ values. Pegasus Shopfitting’s brand is a testament to our dedication to excellence in design and our unwavering commitment to creating visual identities that leave a lasting impression.

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