Section Through View CAD Drawing for Pegasus Shopfitting’s Client


Pegasus Shopfitting

New Counter design in CAD - Section Through

Overview: Diablos Designs took on the challenge of producing a detailed CAD drawing, providing a section through view of the counter for one of Pegasus Shopfitting’s esteemed clients. This project aimed to offer a comprehensive visual representation, ensuring precise understanding and alignment with the client’s vision for their store.

Scope of Work:

  • In-depth collaboration with Pegasus Shopfitting to comprehend the specific requirements and expectations of their client.
  • Thorough analysis of the counter design to accurately depict the section through view, highlighting key details and materials.
  • Integration of feedback and adjustments to ensure the CAD drawing aligned seamlessly with the client’s aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
  • Delivery of a comprehensive and visually informative CAD drawing for client review and implementation.

Challenges: The challenge for this project lay in capturing the intricacies of the counter design in a section through view, providing a clear and detailed representation for both Pegasus Shopfitting and their client. Maintaining accuracy and clarity while conveying the design’s depth and structure required a meticulous approach.


  • Close communication with Pegasus Shopfitting throughout the design process to address any nuances and ensure alignment with the client’s expectations.
  • Utilisation of advanced CAD tools to create a detailed and accurate section through view, emphasising key features and materials.
  • Iterative design approach, allowing for revisions based on client feedback to achieve the desired outcome.

Outcome: Diablos Designs successfully delivered a meticulously crafted CAD drawing, providing a comprehensive section through view of the counter. The final product not only met but exceeded the expectations of Pegasus Shopfitting and their client, offering a valuable visual aid in the realisation of the store’s design.

Conclusion: This project exemplifies Diablos Designs’ commitment to precision and collaboration, translating conceptual ideas into detailed visual representations. Our proficiency in CAD design ensures that each project, no matter the complexity, is approached with a dedication to delivering accurate and visually compelling results.

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