Video Editing – Creating a clear Sky on a video


Neal Energy Solutions

Video Background Editing and Camera Tracking


Neal Energy Solutions approached us with a unique challenge – they had a video filmed by drone that lacked vibrancy due to a rainy day’s grey skies. Their vision was to create an eye-catching video banner for their website, but the dull weather was hindering the impact they desired. They entrusted us to enhance the video’s brightness and remove the gloomy sky, all while maintaining the video’s seamless flow.


Drawing on our expertise and cutting-edge tools, we tackled the project with precision and creativity. Our skilled team employed advanced camera tracking techniques to ensure seamless movement throughout the video. Using After Effects, we meticulously removed the original background, isolating the main subject and preserving its authenticity. But we didn’t stop there. To inject life into the footage, we carefully brightened the scenes, enhancing the visual appeal while staying true to the original content. The rainy-day Grey sky was skilfully replaced with a clear, vivid blue sky, transforming the entire atmosphere and giving the video a renewed sense of energy.

Top image is the edited version | bottom is the original footage

Result: The end result was nothing short of spectacular! The revamped video showcased the impressive capabilities of Neal Energy Solutions while leaving a lasting impact on viewers. As a captivating video banner on their website, it now effortlessly captivates and engages visitors, leaving them with a positive and memorable impression of the brand.

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